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Dr. Yvonne S. Jones

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A Portion of the Summit Proceed will be Donated to:


The EmpowerHer Summit stands as a shining beacon of hope and support, dedicating its efforts to the noble causes of Autism. This event is a testament to the powerful influence that empowerment and community-driven initiatives can wield in addressing critical social issues. As someone deeply involved in education, leadership, and personal development, your participation in such an event aligns with your lifelong dedication to uplift and inspire and offers a unique platform to extend your influence to crucial social issues.


Autism, a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior, requires extensive resources for research, awareness, and support for individuals and their families. Your involvement in this cause is a testament to your commitment to inclusivity and understanding in education and personal development.


This initiative beautifully aligns with your ethos of empowerment, showcasing your commitment to educating, leading, and actively engaging in societal betterment. Your role in such events is an inspiring example to educators, leaders, and entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of extending one's impact beyond traditional realms and into areas of significant social need.

In our initiative to support Autims, we will donate $10 to the JPJumpers Foundation, Inc. with every ticket purchase. This isn't just a step toward your personal growth; it's a leap toward making a meaningful difference in the world. Every seat you book becomes a beacon of hope, shining brightly for those championed by the JPJumpers Foundation, Inc.


By joining us, you're not just part of an event – you're part of a movement. A movement that believes in the power of uniting for a cause, in the magic that happens when empowerment meets compassion. This is our chance to show that our quest for personal and professional growth is intrinsically linked to our desire to make the world a better place.


Imagine the impact we can create together! Your participation at the summit is a bold statement - a declaration that says, "I am here not only to uplift myself but also to uplift others." Together, we are igniting a legacy of change, one ticket at a time.


Are you ready to step into this circle of empowerment and generosity? Let's transform our lives and extend our hands to those supported by JPJumpers Foundation, Inc.


Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready to:


Empower, Encourage, Engage, and Elevate!

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