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Are you struggling with clarity, motivation and organization? 

I also offer amazing free resources (click here to enjoy).

However these can only take you so far.

Take the leap to reach your goals and regain your investment with consistency & confidence!

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Our Services

Business Consulting

One significant benefit of business consulting is the provision of expert insights and objective perspectives. Business consultants bring specialized knowledge and experience, offering tailored advice and strategies that navigate complex challenges, optimize operations, and maximize profitability.
Transformational Coaching

One key benefit of empowerment coaching is the enhancement of self-awareness and confidence. Empowerment coaching focuses on helping individuals recognize their own strengths, values, and potential, leading to a deeper understanding of themselves.
Book Collaborations

One significant benefit of being part of a book collaboration is the opportunity for knowledge sharing and diverse perspectives. Collaborating with other authors or contributors allows for the pooling of different ideas, experiences, and expertise, enriching the content of the book.
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The  Academy
Purpose Driven Framework
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This program will empower you to look at yourself. It will cultivate a changed attitude about your purpose, self-confidence, and goal-setting strategies. 

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“I was BLOWN AWAY after my session with Dr. Val. Not only did she encourage me to get organized and intentional but she helped me find my voice. Working with Dr. Val is a MUST if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, media personality or leader.”

CLIENT Testimonials

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Felicia T.



Dr. Val was absolutely AMAZING!! 

"I had a breakthrough."

"...An eye-opener for me."

 I appreciated the reference to scriptures, her ability to be transparent with her own journey, and her overall enthusiasm to see others thrive. 

This woman obviously knows her stuff and truly is walking IN purpose and ON purpose through the services she provides. 

I discovered I was undervaluing my gifts, talents, and leadership skills. I realized that my self-limiting beliefs were the reason for my self-doubts.

In another assessment, I discovered I was neglecting some areas of life (such as self-care and leisure activities).

The boot camp asked very specific questions to help one determine their purpose. One point that stuck out to me was the idea of writing your purposes down and or creating a vision board. 

Thank you, Dr. Harris, for all the time and effort you poured into this boot camp.

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